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Barrhead Travel are required to collect and provide additional passenger details to government authorities for the purpose of border control. This relates to information in your travel document (normally passport), flight information and, for passengers travelling to the US, your first night address.

Failure to provide this information may result in your being delayed at your airport and/or refused travel.

All information that we collect will be held in accordance with our Privacy & Cookies Policy.

If your holiday departure is within the next 6 months and has a flight element, please enter your details below. (Excludes departures from Republic of Ireland).

Login ?Please enter the booking file reference as shown in the important information section of your email booking confirmation, postal confirmation or printed ticket book.

?Please enter the lead passenger surname as it appears on your booking confirmation eg if John Smith, please enter SMITH. If there are spaces, hyphens, apostrophes or other special characters in your name, please try again without these. For example ONEILL not O'NEILL, STJOHN not ST JOHN.

?The date of departure, as shown on your booking confirmation.